Friday, March 24, 2006

The Pinoy Solutions

I am in the Philippines almost everyday of my life. I was born here. I live here. I studied here. I am working here. And I am raising a family here (or at least trying to).

And everyday I see problems besetting Filipinos here from all walks of life. Problems such as traffic, floods, poverty, poor healthcare, etc. are everyday occurences and should be addressed. Someone said that no one would help the Philippines but the Filipinos themselves. Well, I am a Filipino and I guess it is my responsibility to help any which way I can.

However, as an ordinary citizen, there is nothing in my arsenal that can help me solve problems of the country. In fact, the problems are so beyond me. I cannot even define the problems clearly in my mind so how can I even find a solution to solve them? Perhaps this blog could enlighten me and enlighten some poor other Filipino souls who would somehow venture here.

Let us define our problems and find solutions to them... solutions that may be carried out by ordinary folks like you and me. We may not find a solution, yet, but who knows. Maybe someone somewhere might get an idea or two that would eventually lead us all to a better future.

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