Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Having Found the Solution

No, I don't think Duterte is part of the solution of the problems of the Philippines.

However, I think he actually found a solution as to how a not very well known politician from the south can get mass media exposure and to get at least a fighting chance in the coming Presidential election.

From the time he is supposed to be "not" running up to now that he has involved the pope into his campaign, it seems everything he did are all carefully crafted to get maximum media mileage.

He is now the talk of the town.  His campaign is using even his own detractors to spread his "strong, no-frills-kind-of-leader" image.  Even cardinals and presidential spokespersons are sucked into doing what he intends them to do:  react to his antics.

Cursing and swearing have now become fashionable. Suddenly, it is now alright to say bad words in the face of really really bad problems, as if those words set one apart from the problem itself.

I am so impressed with what he is doing in the mass media that I am beginning to suspect that his handlers already have a full calendar of well thought-out releases, from now up to May 9, that we the people can chew on in the meantime that we don't actually get to eat something with substance for meals.

Of course, if they would have such a calendar, it would not include serious discussions of his (lack of actual) qualifications and accomplishments... only myth-spreading and one-liners. Such a calendar would not give time for people to actually think, even for a while. No one would ever have the time to wonder how shameless it is that this great and heroic crusader Duterte while mayor of Davao City can have his son play Robin by being his vice mayor, and that while his daughter is mayor of the same city Duterte himself is her vice.

Will Duterte succeed?  Maybe, but it still remains to be seen.  What he is doing now to get himself hugging the headlines though is one for the books.  Bayani Fernando - the only person with real accomplishments, but who did not even elicit a hiccup in a past national election - must be drooling in awe, though.

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