Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Garbage-Free EDSA

I have been travelling by EDSA, from Magallanes to Balintawak and it is only now that I realize that EDSA is trash-free (at least those that I regularly see). Earlier, I also noticed that there are no grafittis written on the walls and MRT posts in EDSA. Plants are also growing on the center island while new signposts are being erected too.

Meanwhile, although the pink fences are sore to the eyes and the U-turn slots are sometimes confusing or even dangerous, it seems that they are doing what they are supposed to do, lessen the traffic at EDSA. Even the men's sidewalk urinals are also working well - there are no more guys seen peeing on walls!

I really cannot help now but notice, that all in all, EDSA is most improved. There are improvement also in the other roads supervised by the MMDA, but improvements in EDSA are most noticeable, coming from how it was before!

Congratulations to MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando and his team. Please, keep up the good work.