Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jeepneys do it too!

Last time, I talked about how buses load and unload their passengers across EDSA. I rode the bus and heard the term they use... "nakabalagbag".

Jeepneys do it too... But since they ply single lane roads rather than routes with more lanes such as EDSA, and they are not as long as the buses, "balagbag" doesnt really apply to them. They are more of like a head coach of the train. When they stop to load/unload, everyone stops. When they wait for passengers, everyone behind them does that too. They do it mostly near or on the intersection, where there are more passengers, and where traffic is heaviest. Most jeepney drivers wont bother even if you honk from behind. "Trabaho lang po" is what they have in mind.

Again, we cannot blame them. The system is made for that to happen. We can only change the situation by changing the system.