Monday, July 11, 2011

The Drill

One can now easily get the drill. First, mainstream mass media miraculously thought of some evil doings by the former (and the allies of the former) administration. Then the present administration, who of course is simply ‘reactive’ to questions by the media, confirms the evil doings with a sampling of confusing details. Then, when the masses are now convinced that the evil perpetrators are indeed evil, the same evil perpetrators, to be fair to them, are now given the chance to speak by the mainstream media. And to be more than fair to them, the ‘evil doers’ are even given more time to speak and to defend themselves in a long winded hearing in one of the highest court of the land with the most respected jurors in the country, the Senate. Since they have nothing for defense, the only thing the ‘evil doers’ can end up saying is “bring us to court”, which of course doesn’t matter anymore because they are ‘obviously’ ‘guilty as charged’.

We have seen this in a number of cases already. This is simply an improvement of older scandals which require whistle blowers. Perhaps now, whistle blowers are becoming harder to come by so the mass media starts the process on their own.
But what is not yet apparent is that it doesn’t and wouldn’t stop there. When the accused (or more properly the ‘guilty’) says “bring me to court”, he now may actually get what he wished for. Surely the next step, as requested by the ‘evil doers’ themselves, is perhaps the reinvestigation by the divine DOJ or, when they are ready, the Reinvigorated Office of the New Ombudsman. There’ll surely be more headline materials during these reinvestigations and the masses will surely understand better that the ‘evil doers’ are brazenly lying to their teeth.

Even less apparent is that it wouldn’t end there, still. The DOJ or the New Ombudsman, in their adherence to their sworn duties and in testament to their commitment to the public and for the truth, and at the right time, perhaps when there is a dying down of interest in the scandal, will surely file the charges in the proper courts. Also, by that time, the courts would have already been fully transformed for the people, a transformation that we already see in the Supreme Court with their latest decision on the Hacienda Luisita Stock Distribution Option case. By that time, one doesn’t need help from any fiction writer to know how the story would end.

By the way things are going, I suspect the ‘evil doers’ are still sleeping and are unaware of what is going on. They still do not get the drill. The question is: Will the ‘evil doers’ be able to awaken themselves early enough to be able to think what they could do to avoid getting ridiculed, diminished and embarrassed, or for the unluckiest of them even to save themselves from getting to their eventual penal destination? It is easy to see when one is as good as sleeping. If his reaction to the drill is to defend himself, then you know he is not fully awake.